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Maison de Bloc au Cap d’ Antibes 1959–1962, photo de Gilles Ehrmann © Claude Parent

Radical Visions: Claude Parent (1923-2016)

Mike Pinnington reflects on the prolific Supermodernist architect who attempted to achieve the unimaginable: creating convention-defying spaces for climbing, reclining and sliding… By the time he was approaching his 40s, the architect Claude Parent,...

Nightcrawler (2014)

The Double Negative Awards 2014

We may not have a glitzy ceremony, but we do have an esteemed panel of judges. All year, our critics have been travelling the length and breadth of Britain, witnessing the best contemporary (and classic)...

Chris Evans, Liverpool Biennial, 2014, image courtesy Mark McNulty

Biennial 2014: Implicit Politics Are Not Enough

Laura Harris argues that Liverpool Biennial is unengaged with a political present — missing an opportunity to explore radical political alternatives and encourage dialogue between isolated communities… It is a sad and much-discussed truth that...

Ryan Gander, Porthole to Culturefield Revisited (2010)

The White Cube, The Artist And Me

Just who do artists make work for anyway? In an extension of his essay on visitor experience, Biennial 2014: The Space In Between, C James Fagan considers the impact of the white cube...

Thursday – St. Vincent 7pm @ O2 Academy, Liverpool -- £18.56

Culture Diary w/c 25-08-2014

What’s hot this week? Our pick of the listings from around Liverpool and the rest of the UK! Tuesday – Combines #2 6-9pm @ Model, Liverpool — FREE Tonight sees three more artists...

Liverpool Biennial: Claude Parent at Tate Liverpool

Biennial 2014: The Space In Between

Notice anything different? C James Fagan realises that Liverpool Biennial is changing the space around us, and therefore, he argues, the expectation of the visitor… There’s a lot of space in FACT. The artist Sharon...

Peter Wächtler, Untitled (2013), Liverpool Biennial 2014

Biennial 2014: What Peter Wächtler Has To Say About Liverpool

Should an arts festival directly reference the city it calls home? Can art become relevant to a context in which it is displayed? Richard Whitby examines one artwork in this year’s Liverpool Biennial that has a lot to say,...

McLellan Galleries Directors Programme: Hudinilson Jr

Glasgow International Festival 2014: Our Highlights

Don’t know where to start at the GI? Don’t panic! Emma Sumner picks her highlights… Hailed by Adrian Searle as “the UK’s best visual arts festival”, the pressure is on for what will...

Rhys Chatham, A Crimson Grail, Liverpool Biennial 2012

Give It Everything You’ve Got

Responding to yesterday’s massive funding cuts, and ahead of the International Festival of Business 2014, Laura Brown argues that we need a whole new approach to arts giving in Liverpool, otherwise we risk losing...